WTC works to promote the internationalization of Genoa’s and Liguria’s companies operating in the nautical sector, which is an essential and dynamic local industrial sector.


Marine technologies are a real possibility for a competitive repositioning and to promote the development of the sector.


WTC Genoa has been working in the agri-food sector - one of the excellencies of this area - and developing internationalization activities in this sector for years.


WTC Genoa and the Genoa Chamber of Commerce are working on many different promotion projects dedicated to Liguria’s towns, cities and resorts and itineraries by implementing direct promotion activities.


In addition to the thematic areas that characterize this land, WTC Genoa participates into many internationalization projects developed by Genoa’s and Liguria’s companies in many different sectors.

Nautical industry

The Italian nautical industry is an essential and dynamic sector of the economy and, in spite of the many difficulties it had to tackle in the past few years, it is still one of the leading industries on the competitive global market. The sector is mostly made of small and medium enterprises, professionalism and professions that represent the added value of this sector, since they add technologies and innovation to the best craftsmanship and thus enrich the nautical sector.

The quality of all Made in Italy products is still a structural competitive advantage, which cannot be copied by foreign competitors on the short term.

These sectors are:

  • Shipbuilding (design, construction, ship repair yards and refitting activities).
  • The port system (goods and passenger management, marinas and harbours).


The Marineria Italiana / Italian Marine Network is the framework project of WTC Genoa dedicated to the nautical industry.

It is not just an internationalization project dedicated to the local companies and disconnected from the national context. It reaches out to the national level thanks to the development of a larger system and the cooperation with those national bodies in charge of internationalization activities.

The Marineria Italiana operates at the Italian level and allows companies to become known abroad and exploit this system that can enhance the role of the Italian nautical sector, the flagship of the Made in Italy production in the world.

27-28 giugno 2019
Magazzini del Cotone - Genova
MED Seawork

International Seawork Exhibition

26-27 October 2018
Pavia, Italy
Workshop Mirabilia Food & Drink


26-27 October 2018
Pavia, Italy
VII Edition of the International Cultural Tourism Exchange

25 May 2018
Genoa, Italy
The new Brazilian sunrise

Economic recovery and business opportunities

14 May 2018
Genoa, Italy

Innovative ideas, businesses and cross-border cooperation IT-FR New calls and business opportunities

Genoa, Italy
MED Seawork

International Seawork Exhibition

May 27, 2016
La Spezia, Italy
B2B Matching beetwen Ligurian Companies and a Turkishdelegation @SEAFUTURE 2016

The Ligurian companies could have the chance to have meetings with a selected delegation of maritim

April 26, 2016
Genoa, Italy
Meeting with the Vietnamese Delegation in Genoa

The Ambassador of Vietnam Cao Chin Thien will meet with the members of the Commercial Association

March 25, 2015
Genoa, Italy
The yachting market in the United Arab Emirates

Round table organized for the development of the yachting internationalization activities in the UAE

March 3-7, 2015
Dubai International Marine Club Mina Seyahi
DIBS 2015

Liguria Region participates to the Dubai International Boat Show with a collective stand.

December 16, 2014
Genoa, Italy
The newspaper in classroom: The foreign market get in the chair

Lesson of internationalization to the high school students.

March 4-8, 2014
Dubai, UAE
DIBS 2014

Participation to the DIBS - Dubai International Boat Show.

February 17-21, 2014
Istanbul, Turkey
Participation to the Eurasia Boat Show

The Marineria Italiana network at the International Boat Show in Istanbul.

October 5, 2013
Genoa, Italy
Coast to Coast 2013

Promotion of the nautical sector to the Atlantic Coast of the Center and South America markets.

May 30 - June 2, 2013
Seoul, Korea
KIBS 2013

Participation to the KIBS - Korea International Boat Show.

March 5 - 9, 2013
Dubai, UAE
DIBS 2013

Participation to the DIBS - Dubai International Boat Show.

Blue technologies

Maritime technologies, i.e. those sectors focused on innovation and new technologies, are a real possibility for the competitive repositioning and upgrade of the entire sector.

Thanks to the presence of many competitive companies and a decade-long know-how - which is an usual characteristic, since the global technological market is very young - and one of the most important trade ports in Europe, its University, the engineering and naval technology departments, the research centres, the Italian Institute of technology, Genoa may become the global centre of excellence, known and appreciated at the international level, the “place to be” for maritime industries.

The main activities belonging to this sector are:

  • Leisure activities (diving equipment, electronics and navigation systems).
  • Marine sciences (coastal management, education, R&D, maritime engineering and technologies).
  • Robotics (Design and construction of underwater vehicles, control devices, software).
  • Telecommunication systems (naval communication systems, long-range underwater communication, wireless and satellite communication systems).
  • Defence and security (design and construction of control systems, logistics, efficiency).


Sea Technologies Cluster is the WTC Genoa and Cesvitec Napoli framework project dedicated to technological innovation and it is a real opportunity to increase differentiation on the market, especially on foreign markets. In order to fully develop this project, cultural commitment and investments are of the essence to promote the implementation of new coherent approaches and new process and product technologies.

The STC – Sea Technologies Cluster goals are to facilitate and promote “advanced” internationalization processes for the companies operating in this sector by uniting stakeholders and skills, promoting networks, and, at first, focusing on North America, which is a very organized and synergistic area in this specific sector.

April 10 - October 2, 2014
Italy and Canada
Sea Technologies Cluster and Atlantic Canada

Business matching and commercial opportunities development in the Atlantic Canada.

October 2-8, 2013
Genoa, Italy
STC to the Genoa International Boat Show

Presentation of the STC - Sea Technologies Cluster at the Genoa International Boat Show

March 14, 2013
Genoa, Italy
Blue Technologies

The opportunities for integration and exchange with North America for businesses and centers of R&D.

Agri-food industry

WTC Genoa has been managing internationalization activities in the agri-food industry for years. This is a sector of excellence of the area and has a rich agricultural heritage, and a rich food & wine heritage characterized by typical products and dishes, and at least 300 traditional specialities are included in the Italian list of traditional agri-food products.

We have been organizing the joint participation of many companies to the many international agri-food trade fairs for years, as well as b2b meetings and customized events subdivided according to the geographical area and characterized by the presence of international buyers.

For further information contact:
Antonella Tomatis
cell. +39 346 7955262
tel: +39 010 2359.206
June 7, 2016
Genoa, Italy

WTC Genoa offers the chance to company involved in the food sector to be selected for the platforms

May 9-12 2016
CIBUS 2016

May 3-6, 2015
Genoa, Italy
Tutto Food 2015

Collective participation of agribusiness Ligurian companies

September 26-28, 2014
Genoa, Italy
Liguria in Tavola 2014

Iternational Business to Business meeting for the food companies from Region Liguria.

May 5-8, 2014
Parma, Italy
CIBUS 2014

Participation to the agri-food international exhibition.

May 19-22, 2013
Milan, Italy
Tuttofood 2013 incoming

Incoming of Canadian buyers at Tuttofood International fair.

April 30 - May 2, 2013
Toronto, Canada
SIAL Canada 2013

Participation to the International Food & Beverage Exhibition in Canada.

Tourism promotion

Genoa and Liguria attract a high number of tourists. WTC Genoa and the Chamber of Commerce work on a number of promotion projects dedicated to this area and its itineraries by implementing direct actions to increase the value and promote this land.


For the first time, Mirabilia - the European Network of UNESCO Sites connects different areas that share a common historical, cultural and environmental value.

This interaction involves institutions, economic stakeholders and governance models on which the development policies for the territory are based.

This network is supported by 10 Chambers of Commerce, it connects the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are less known to Italian and international tourists and aims at promoting them and make them known to the public.

For further information contact:

Cristina Iraci
tel: +39 010 2359.213
November 18-19
Matera, Italy
Workshop Mirabilia Food & Drink

European Network of UNESCO Sites - Food & Drink

October 23-24, 2017
Verona, Italy
VI Edition of the International Cultural Tourism Exchange

October 23-24, 2017
Verona, Italy
Mirabilia Food & Drink

June 20,2016
Genoa, Italy
Meeting with the Iranian Ambassador in Genoa

May 27, 2016
Genoa, Italy
Meeting with the Cuba Delegation in Genoa

1 August - 10 September 2015
Mirabilia Network of Companies

Proposal to set up a formal network of companies

June 11, 2015
Expo Milan
Wonders of Liguria at Expo 2015

The Chambers of Commerce present flowers, crafts, food and wine and UNESCO sites.

December 1-2, 2014
Perugia, Italy
III International Exchange of Cultural Tourism

Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO sites B2B meeting "International Exchange of Cultural Tourism

October 30-31, 2014
Tokyo - Japan
Promotion of Mirabilia in Japan

Road show and promotion of the Mirabilia Network in Japan.

November 25-27, 2013
Matera, Italy
II International Exchange of Cultural Tourism

Business to business meeting in Matera.

November 4-7, 2013
London, United Kingdom
Mirabilia at the WTM London 2013

Mirabilia Network participation to the WTM - World Travel Market international fair.

October 11, 2013
Moscow, Russia
Mirabilia at the Italian Moscow Embassy

Presentation of the Mirabilia Network at the Italian Embassy in Moscow.

June 7, 2013
Rome, Italy
Mirabilia press conference at ENIT

Presentation of the Mirabilia project to the Italian Tourism Agency (ENIT).

Special projects

In addition to the thematic areas that characterize this land, WTC Genoa takes part in many internationalization projects organized by Genoa’s and Liguria’s companies in many different sectors.

For instance, mechanics and engineering, international banking services, the “Giornate Paese” - days dedicated to different countries and the business possibilities for Liguria’s companies in a country that has been specifically selected


The portal has been created with the help of A.L.C.E. - Associazione Ligure Commercio Estero and the University of Genoa and it is the reference portal for international payments and corresponding services.

Bankport is dedicated to those companies working with foreign markets in the trade, industrial or service sectors. Thanks to this portal, an integrated set of information on the available services is at their disposal and they can directly use it or read it. The information is available everywhere in the world and is provided by Italian and foreign banks. The information is constantly monitored and updated and contains those data needed to start new business relationships.



Once a year, the Istituto di Economia Internazionale, the WTC and the Chamber of Commerce organize a conference on the development of global economy. At such an event, an entrepreneur and an economist are awarded a prize each based on the results they have achieved in their sectors, they are selected by a jury of experts: the “Francesco Manzitti” award - dedicated to the president of the Chamber of Commerce that established the Istituto di Economia Internazionale in 1946 - and the “Economia Internazionale” award.

For further information contact:

WTC Genoa
tel: +39 010 2359.1
2 July 2018
Genoa, Italy
United Kingdom: business opportunity

opportunities and new challenges for start-ups and Ligurian companies

April 2017-
International digital markets
WTC Market Place

From company to company: a professional service for the placement on the international markets

March - June 2017
WTC Business Lab

A laboratory of ideas for making corporate culture and propose solutions to growing foreign markets

October 27 - 29, 2016
Casablanca, Morocco
Morocco Project

October 24 - 25, 2016
Udine, Italy
Mirabilia Project the International Exchange of cultural tourism Udine - October 24th - 25th

June 23, 2016
Genoa, Italy

March 30, 2016 / 9.30 - 12.30
Export success: digital tools and best practices

Workshop of the project WTC Service Pack 2.0

March 16, 2016, 9.30 - 12.30
Internationalization: instructions for use

Workshop of the project WTC Service Pack 2.0

May 27, 2015
Genoa, Italy
Ghana: Business Opportunities

Business Seminar

May 11, 2015, Genoa, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Liguria e Malta

The two economies of sea meet.

March 6, 2015
Genoa, Italy
East Africa: new "lions" of the world economy

Business Seminar

January 28, 2015
Genoa, Italy
Turkey: Analysis, perspectives and opportunities

Study seminar dedicated to the growth and trade flows in Turkey in the last ten years.

November 14, 2014
Genoa, Italy
Mediterranean: Priorities for Europe and Italy between opportunities and problems

International Economics Annual Prize.

September 29 - October 3, 2014
Brno, Czech Republic
MSV Brno 2014

Participation to MSV - International Mechanical Engineering & Automation Technology.

June 25-26, 2014
Nice, France
Innovative City 2014

WTC and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa at the Innovative City fair.

May 6, 2014
Genoa, Italy
Iran Workshop

Iran: the new political and economic developments and the reflections on the development of business

February 10, 2014
Genoa, Italy
Ryazan Workshop

Business opportunities in the Ryazan Region in the Russian Federation of States.

November 14, 2013
Genoa, Italy
North Africa: between political instability and economic opportunities

International Economics Annual Prize.

November 4, 2013
Genoa, Italy
The business opportunities in Ukraine. Focus on Energy and environment

Visit of the Ambassador of Ukraine in Genoa.

October 7-11, 2013
Brno, Czech Republic
MSV Brno 2013

Participation to the MSV - International Mechanical Engineering & Automation Technology fair.

May 27, 2013
Genoa, Italy
Commercial agents: Instructions for use

Technical workshop on the role of commercial agents.

April 18, 2013
Genoa, Italy
European Project VET QI

Education in the ICT sector and the market demand.

April 5, 2013
Genoa, Italy
Sub-Saharan Africa: a continent of opportunities

Workshop dedicated to the business opportunities of Ligurian companies in Africa.

March 5-7, 2013
London, United Kingdom
Ecobuild 2013

Participation to the Ecobuild International fair on the theme of the future of the building sector.