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WTC Genoa is the special undertaking of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce supporting SMEs. It directly supports companies over all process phases (legal, administrative, commercial, financial and operational marketing aspects).

WTC Genoa is where the business world and the institutional world meet. WTC Genoa works at the international, European, Italian and regional levels, thus providing an in-depth framework for any area of interest.

WTC Genoa supports the development of SMEs by helping them improve their competitiveness on the international markets thanks to customized services and instruments aimed at the internationalization of their activities.

WTC works to attract foreign investments to Genoa and Liguria by promoting local opportunities and Liguria’s excellencies abroad.

WTC Genoa is your ideal partner if you wish to establish your offices in Genoa: we support you through the establishment process and the operational move of your offices up to the development of new business relationships. We are your local reference partner even after your activity has been launched.

WTC Genoa is a member of the WTCA - World Trade Centers Association global network, a non profit association which has been working to promote global trade and contribute to it since 1970. Its members are based in over 300 cities and towns in 85 countries.

WTC Genoa helps companies obtain public funding. It works with local authorities and the Chamber of Commerce to search for funding and prepare the necessary documents to request the use of public funding and European funding.

To learn more about our company and for any information please contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

WTC Genoa
Areas of Specialisation

Thanks to our integrated programme of services, initiatives and strategic instruments (promotional initiatives, days dedicated to various countries, business missions abroad, operational management of foreign delegations, business-to-business meetings, participation into international professional trade fairs, communication strategies and ad hoc projects dedicated to specific sectors), WTC Genoa effectively supports those companies wishing to implement an economic development model focused on foreign markets.

WTC Genoa is also your reference partner if you wish to move your offices to Genoa or establish your head offices or representation office in town, since we support you over all operational phases (market research, real estate solutions, business office, establishment of new companies, legal and business practices, virtual office services, interpretation and secretarial services, recruitment services and development of business relationships).

Genoa Chamber of Commerce

The Genoa Chamber of Commerce was established in 1805 by Napoleon and it is one of the oldest Italian Chambers of Commerce which has always been focused on developing the port and its trade, local industries and infrastructures, as well as cultural activities, and technical and business training.

The Genoa Chamber of Commerce is now the reference partner of the economic categories representing more than 67,000 companies that manufacture and handle goods, or offer and exchange their goods and services.

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Board od directors

  • Massimo Giacchetta
  • Adriano Calvini
  • Maria Ornella Caramella
  • Marco Bisagno
  • Caterina Petrigni
  • Alessandro Marrone
  • Lucio Sardi


WTC Genoa has been working in cooperation with the main reference bodies operating in the internationalization sector for years. The Chamber of Commerce and its bodies are the reference partners for projects and research; its local bodies and the dedicated regional structure are the ideal partners to work with and organize and implement development projects and specific promotion measures.

The national reference bodies and the international partner network are those partners that help you develop and complete shared projects to access foreign markets.

Unioncamere Nazionale

Chambers of Commerce of Italy

Unioncamere Liguria

Union of Ligurian Chambers of Commerce

Consorzio Camerale per l’Internazionalizzazione

Network of 12 Chambers of Commerce (Catania, Firenze, Genova, Matera, Milano, Modena, Padova, Roma, Salerno, Torino, Udine, Vicenza)


Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples


Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada


Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies


National Union of Shipyards and Nautical related Industries


Ministero degli Affari Esteri

Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

Regione Liguria

Liguria International

Regional Society of Liguria for Internationalization of Enterprises


World Trade Centers Association


World Trade Center San Diego, USA

WTC Savannah

World Trade Center Savannah, USA