The MED Seawork sectors.
The target of exhibitors and visitors.

MED Seawork is an annual event designed to bring together producers, distributors, buyers, the world of research and institutions in places where the tradition of going by sea has always been a fundamental element of the economy.

The first edition takes place in Genoa and the theme of the sea will naturally be the predominant theme of the fair, but an important part can be represented by the other sectors of the water supply chain: work on rivers and lakes, which probably is less significant but very specialized.



Design, prototyping and building of workboats (tugboats, pontoons, patrol boats, fireboats, bunker vessels).

Ship repair and maintenance.

Lifting equipment, hydraulic and antipollution systems.

Refit yards and specialist shipyards.

Dredging boats and systems.

Floating platforms and infrastructure.

Renewable energy and wind turbine platforms.



Engines and propulsion systems.

Fuels, lubricants and storage.

Heat exchangers.

Special protective and anticorrosive paints.

Specific materials and components.


Generators, electrical units and battery chargers.

Water treatment plants.

Safety and rescue systems.

Paints and finishes.

Communication systems.

Communication systems.

Diving and navigation systems.

Monitoring and control.

Safety wear and equipment.



Boat brokering.

Naval design.

Dredging and hydrographical services.

Safety services and advice, rescue operations..

Environmental, logistic and ship efficiency services.

Salvage services.

Financial, insurance and legal products.

Weather forecast and monitoring.



Workboat builders and part manufacturers.

Aziende di produzione e trasformazione di prodotto.

Production and processing companies.

Oil exploration and extraction companies.


Maritime agencies

Transport on the water companies.

Service providers for the sector.

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